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Q&A with Gold Sponsor Epiq

05 Sep 2017 5:30 PM | Anonymous

NAFER is pleased to have Epiq as a Gold Sponsor for our Oct. 18-20th Conference! Here are a few things you can learn about them and how their services can benefit you as a NAFER member:

What is the Epiq difference?

Epiq is able to provide services to the receivers, trustees, and fiduciaries from the time they are appointed to final distribution and final report filed to the court. We understand that the initial needs of the receiver are very time sensitive, and we quickly jump in to allocate time and necessary resources to address your needs right after your appointment. We have services and software for every point and turn of the process, and solutions for any industry complaint or matter. We like to partner with you to ease your burden, and plug in wherever you need us most!

How can the Epiq software help in legal cases and matters?

The unique software can provide any type of service that a legal case or matter would require. It provides online integrated banking, asset management, case management, and a whole series of reports. It offers a comprehensive application that clients can use, perfectly geared toward trustee and fiduciary matters, as well as specific receivership services.

We’ve also incorporated some of the receiver requirements into our unique software. SEC filings require a SFAR, and we’ve incorporated that into our software application so a receiver can just do it there! Our software is very robust in helping receivers through the distribution process. It can calculate out and track the names, the amounts, if people have been partially paid back, or any security in place that has to be handled. We know it’s a very involved and complex process, and our job is to help with that. We have a distribution out of our Portland office that can handle big cases in a matter of minutes, and our software has the ability to handle that for smaller cases if a receiver wants to handle it themselves.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

Our competitors do bits and pieces of what we do, but we have everything you could need to manage a case. One essential part of what we do is the banking side, in which we partner with multiple banks in key areas (LA, NY, Chicago) and have contracts with them. We can negotiate terms of banking. Often times when a receiver is assigned a case, the money disappears. They freeze the account, and they try to get control of the money before it disappears. We can help because we can ramp up in all of these areas. Our banking partners know these are cases we deal with, and they’re equipped to open bank accounts immediately and discuss terms when needed.

We have a full fleet of services that handles every aspect of the legal industry. We tie our software offerings with our service offerings to provide any support you may need, and we are unique in that sense. Some companies might have trustee-specific software, but not necessarily for all the other services. If there is a need for someone to handle data, retrieve it and secure it before they disappear, Epiq has a huge e-discovery group that does just that. If a website is needed for investors and victims to go and look for information on a case, we can set that up and host it for them. If a company is in need of a call center where people can call in and get their questions answered, we can provide that in multiple languages. We can also provide strategic communications and public relations services when receivers don’t know how to get certain messages across or FAQs written.  No one can do that using one company, so these are the things that set us apart!

Do you have any examples of client success stories you'd like to share with the NAFER audience?

There was a retail fraud that utilized almost every very aspect of our services. They needed their data secured, a website, and call centers in multiple languages because there were 160,000 victims worldwide that were being defrauded. In this retail case, money was going to an individual, so they engaged us to secure data, retrieve the servers, clean everything up and present it in a way that was useful to the receiver.

In another example, the depth of services we were able to provide for a financial services SEC complaint filing was very unique. They had a flow of funds unique to SEC cases, with several entities set up. They had to be reporting not only individually, but also the collective flow of funds. We were able to maneuver software in a way to meet the receiver’s needs. In this particular case, we had directed the receiver and staff to manage the case and entities with our software. The benefit was that the receiver was able to go to one place and see full reports on all entities regarding the case and flow of funds. We were able to get bank accounts opened quickly and get the flow of funds over to control by the receiver.

Whether it be a small, medium, or a large case that needs every service we have, we’re able to plug in where the need is and provide services and solutions to the receiver!

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