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NAFER's mission is to provide a forum for federal equity receivers to consult with one another regarding the legal and practical issues they face in order to develop best practices and common solutions. By improving the quality, standardization, and expertise in the receivership field, we aim to make it possible for those choosing receivers to do so with confidence.

Our goal is to establish and maintain the highest level of standards for those who practice as Federal Equity Receivers, and to become the go-to resource for judges and members of government agencies in need of a Receiver.  We thoroughly vet each of our applicants, approving only those who qualify and classifying each according to his / her experience: 

  • Full Membership is limited to those who have been appointed as equity receivers in proceedings of material size and complexity at the request of the SEC, CFTC, FTC, FDIC or another Federal agency, and those who have served as primary counsel or forensic accountants to these receivers.
  • Associate Membership is for those who have been appointed as equity receivers by state agencies and those who have served as primary counsel or forensic accountants to these receivers.  It is also for those in the legal and accountancy professions whom are affiliated with a firm providing federal and/or state receivership services as a practice group.
  • International Associate Membership is available to those individuals who work primarily in foreign jurisdictions and do not meet the experience criteria for Full Membership as determined by the Membership Committee and/or the Board.
  • Industry Membership is for those professionals whose firms, companies and institutions provide support services for federal equity receivers.
  • Judiciary Membership is for those in the judicial community who preside as a United States District Judge, United States Magistrate or United States Bankruptcy Court Judge.  This also includes those who have retired from the bench.
  • Agency Membership is for those individuals within United States regulatory agencies, including, but not limited to, the SEC, CFTC, FTC or FDIC.

  • We offer complimentary membership to all persons in the judicial communities or individuals within US regulatory agencies.  Our goal is to provide you with information about, and connections to, the most experienced and professional resources available. To join NAFER, simply click on the Membership link above and complete the application. 


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